Canvas Stadium

Canvas Stadium at Colorado State University serves as a cornerstone for CSU Athletics and a focal point, uniting our campus and community through the pride we experience when winning and demonstrating our university’s commitment to excellence. Equally, the multifaceted facility houses our new Iris and Michael Smith Alumni Center, state-of-the-art classrooms, and the Collaborative for Student Achievement, touching all students during their time in school and inviting all alumni back to campus.

seating and field of multipurpose stadiumfront of iris and michael smith alumni centermultipurpose stadium hall of championssonny lubick field at the multipurpose stadiumCSU Stadium indoor clubCSU Stadium view from the indoor clubCSU Stadium crowdThe New Belgium Porch at the CSU StadiumThe New Belgium Porch at the CSU StadiumThe New Belgium Porch at the CSU StadiumCSU Marching Band formation on the csu stadium fieldcrowd at csu stadiumfans outside the csu stadiumview from the cannon at csu stadiumview of the crowd from the field of csu stadiumCAM the Ram and handlers on the field of CSU stadium